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Established in Geneva since 1991, the Art Law Foundation (ALF) aims to promote and coordinate the work and research in the field of art law.

Among its activities, the ALF:

  • organises conferences and seminars on a regular basis on topical issues in art law, cultural property law and copyright law.
  • promotes training and exchanges between its members and professionals of the art market, museum community, and other fields tied to art and cultural heritage. To this end, the ALF offers its members to participate in exclusive events such as guided tours of exhibitions, galleries, scientific institutes and cultural institutions.
  • supports also the research and teaching activities of the Art-Law Centre, University of Geneva with which the ALF works closely in organizing events and research projects.


Currently, the ALF has over 500 active members and subscribers from the legal and academic community, museums, auction houses, galleries, banks, and insurances.

For more information on our memberships, please visit our Membership page.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any question that you may have regarding the Foundation or on becoming a supporting member.

Publications and documentation centre

The ALF publishes news in art law by means of:

  • Art Law Magazine: Twice a year, the ALF publishes the Art Law Magazine, which reports about legal news and expert analyses related to art and cultural property. The Magazine is freely available to Members on the Publications page.
  • Studies in art law: On the same issues, the Foundation edits a book series Studies in Art Law with the publishing company Schulthess. The full list of book published in this series is available on the Publications page, and some books are freely available to Members.
  • Documentation centre: The ALF has also developped a Documentation centre to which members have free access. This centre serves also as the Art-Law Centre’s library and is located at Uni-Mail, University of Geneva.


As a non-profit organisation, the ALF is financed by grants from public and private institutions, as well as donations by individuals. It is also financed thanks to the generous support of the supporting members, the annual contributions by its members and the ALF’s activities.