The Art Law Foundation aims to promote and coordinate, on a national and international level, the work and research on the most topical questions related to art and cultural heritage law.
The Foundation also supports the activities of the academic Art-Law Centre.

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Negotiating the Human: Justice, Ethics and Culture in Dealing with Human Remains

Wednesday September 7th, 2022

Human remains held by private or public entities (museums, universities, private collections, etc.) or retrieved from places of conflict raise numerous scientific, legal, ethical and social questions and call for special reflection. This is due to their specific status which differentiates them from other items of cultural heritage. The Art-Law Centre of the University of... View Article

Conference recording | Copyright and Foundations

Tuesday March 8th, 2022

The video of the Philanthropy Lunch “Foundations and copyright: challenges and risks” is now available! Watch the interventions of Constanze Semmelmann, Prof. Philippe Meier and Prof. Xavier Oberson, moderated by Dr Anne Laure Bandle. Video: Event co-organised with the Centre for Philanthropy of the University of Geneva


10 November 2022
8:30am - 5pm

Save the date: Infractions pénales dans le marché de l’art

Theft, fraud and illegal imports - the soaring prices of works of art and collectors' items also attract the interest of dishonest people who set up sometimes sophisticated schemes to acquire, sell or transit these objects, or even launder money. The aim of this conference is to examine the main criminal offences in the art market and to recall the diligence required of its actors.

29 September 2022
12.30pm - 2pm

Lunch talk: How auction guarantees affect the sale of an artwork

As part of our “exclusive members” events, we are pleased to invite you to an online conference (on Zoom): Lunch Talk: How auction guarantees affect the sale of an artwork on Thursday 29 September at 12:30.  There is nothing more exciting than an auction where two bidders face each other and continuously drive up the hammer price until the hammer... View Article

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