RAM Antiquities Transaction Due Diligence Toolkit

Will Korner (TEFAF), Anne Laure Bandle (RAM Taskforce) and Costas Paraskevaides (ArtAncient) at the Art Business Conference to speak about the antiquities trade and the RAM Antiquities Transaction Due Diligence Toolkit

RAM is launching the Antiquities Transaction Due Diligence Toolkit! While the antiquities market has many similarities to the art market in general, it also presents unique challenges. For this reason, RAM has developed a dedicated appendix to its Art Transaction Due Diligence Toolkit. You may access the Toolkit here: https://www.responsibleartmarket.org/guidelines/art-transaction-due-diligence-toolkit/ 

Images of the RAM Panel at The Art Business Conference Maastricht during TEFAF on the antiquities trade. More pictures on the RAM website: https://www.responsibleartmarket.org/events/ram-panel-the-antiquities-trade/

All images by David Owens

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