New Publication: Cultural heritage law and ethics: mapping recent developments

Cultural heritage is a unique and important testimony to the history and identity of different peoples and should be preserved in all circumstances. Regrettably, it is increasingly threatened in both peacetime and during conflict. This topic was discussed during the “Second All Art and Cultural Heritage Law Conference” organised by the Art-Law Centre of the University of Geneva on 24-25 June 2016, and is further examined by the authors of this book. This volume looks at the overall question of how the existing legal framework for the protection of cultural heritage can be improved. To this end, a number of recent legal developments arising from domestic and international legal practice are critically examined. These developments mostly revolve around the question of responsibility for the commission of illicit activities, on the one hand, and the relationship between law and ethics, on the other.

Cultural heritage law and ethics: mapping recent developments, Studies in Art Law, vol. 26

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