New training course: Certificate in the modern and contemporary art market

The ALF is pleased to support a new training course launched by !fage (Fondation pour la formation des adultes)  aimed at obtaining a “Certificat du marché de l’art moderne et contemporain” (Certificate in the modern and contemporary art market) 

As part of this new training course, a conference on the theme “Financiarisation, dematerialisation: current and future changes in the modern and contemporary art market” (in French) will be held on Thursday 8 October at 6 pm at MAMCO. Mrs Anne-Claire Bisch, the new General Manager of Ports Francs & Entrepôts de Genève SA, and member of the ALF, will open the conference.

Below you will find the flyer of this event, to which you are invited subject to registration via the following link:

Event flyer !fage


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