Art Law Magazine 9

Georgina Adam at the RAM conference

The latest volume of the Art Law Magazine comprises articles written by our members from Switzerland and abroad on AML laws in the UK and Switzerland affecting the art market, art investment contracts in Belgium, the third RAM conference and an update on Swiss art and cultural heritage law:

  • The Application of Anti-Money Laundering Regulatory Norms to the Art Market, in the United Kingdom and in Switzerland – By Stéphanie Junod
  • Cross-border movement of works of art – Applicable Thresholds and Practical Considerations in Italy – By Giuseppe Calabi
  • Art Investment Contracts: Application of securities law to art purchases in Belgium – By Oliver Lenaerts
  • Conference report: The Third Responsible Art Market Initiative Conference, Geneva 1st February 2019 – By Simine Sheybani
  • Nouvelles suisses en droit de l’art et des biens culturels – Morgane Desboeufs

Access the Magazine (members only) here.

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