22 November 2017
8am - 5pm

The Artwork in Motion: Services, Import, Export & the Free Ports

The Art-Law Centre (CDA), the Art Law Foundation (ALF) and the Geneva Association of Business Law (AGDA) are pleased to announce that they will jointly organise an event on

The Artwork in Motion:
Services, Import, Export & the Free Ports

The art market continues to grow and internationalize. Thus, transactions in the art market generally go beyond the borders of a country. Behind the scenes of this market, a large number of actors operate. They provide for the transport, storage and insurance of works of art. This conference aims to examine the contractual aspects of these operations and the responsibility of its actors. In addition, it is interested in the new governance of the Geneva free ports, the import and export of works of art and the customs procedure.

This conference will take place at the Fédération des entreprises romandes in Geneva on

22 November 2017.

Among the speakers of this conference, we will be pleased to welcome Isabelle Harsch, Executive Director of Henri Harsch HH SA, David Hiler, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Ports Francs et Entrepôts de Genève SA, Sylvain Marchand, professor in law at the University of Geneva, Anne-Claire Bisch-Saffioti, director and founder of Artssurance and Lucile Bonaz, lawyer at Gabus Avocats.

We very much hope to have the pleasure of welcoming you.

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Photo by Panci Calvo (pancicalvo.wixsite.com/panciphoto), work by the artist SUSO33 (www.suso33.com) part of the Truck Art Project (www.truck-art-project.com)


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