13 April 2023

Exclusive members event: Screening of the movie “CHU TEH-CHUN”

As part of our “exclusive members” event series, we are delighted to invite you to the screening organised by the Chu The-Chun Foundation of a documentary dedicated to the artist which will take place on Thursday 13 April at 7:00 pm at MoMA New York, Celeste Bartos Theater.

Those of you who will have the privilege to be in New York at this period, and who wish to attend the event, are kindly requested to register by next March 30th using the link on the below invitation.

A trailer of the movie is available here

You may find additional information about the Foundation Chu The-Chun using this link:  https://chu-teh-chun.org/

For more details about the MoMA, please visit: https://www.moma.org/

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