2 February 2018

Building an Art Market 2.0

Join us for our second conference and launch of RAM’s “Art Due Diligence Toolkit”. We will be discussing the importance of due diligence and the place of technology in modern-day art transactions. What opportunities and threats do they present for art professionals and collectors? Confirmed speakers include:

  • Heidi Amrein, Chief curator, Swiss National Museum
  • Thomas Belohlavek, Director, Axa Art
  • Alexandre Catsicas, CEO Artmyn SA
  • Philippe Gilliéron, Lawyer and Professor, University of Lausanne
  • Laura Gowen, Director, Gowen Contemporary
  • Marco Grossi, Director, Deloitte AG
  • Emilie Mermillod, Director, Seydoux & Associés Fine Art SA
  • Johannes Nathan, Director, Nathan Fine Art & Board Member, Swiss Art Trading Association
  • Freya Stewart, CEO Art Lending and General Counsel, The Fine Art Group

Registrations for the event are now open until 26 January 2018. You can register online here.

Please register in advance as you may not register at the venue.

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