Conference proceedings published | Cross-border movement of works of art in Europe

We are happy to inform you that the conference proceedings on the Cross-border movement of works of art in Europe have been published in the latest issue of the “Santander Art and Culture Law Review” (SAACLR) ((vol. 5)2019(no. 2)) online in Open Access.


Editorial – Andrzej Jakubowski and Alicja Jagielska-Burduk
Guest Editorial – “National Treasures”: Limits on Private Property and Cross-Border Movements – Anne Laure Bandle, Alessandro Chechi, and Marc-André Renold



The Role of UNIDROIT in Global Efforts to Protect Cultural Heritage – Professor Ignacio Tirado, Secretary-General UNIDROIT, talks to Alicja Jagielska-Burduk, Claudia S. Quiñones Vilá, and Paul Fabel

The Meaning of Culture from a Human Rights Approach: The Mandate of the UN Special Rapporteur in the Field of Cultural Rights -Mylène Bidault and Johanne Bouchard talk to Beatriz Barreiro Carril

General Articles

Interpreting and Applying Article XX(f) of the GATT 1994: “National Treasures” in International Trade Law – Gabriele Gagliani

EU National Treasures and the Quest for a Definition – Sabrina Ferrazzi

Defining “National Treasures” in the European Union. Is the Sky Really the Limit? – Anna Frankiewicz-Bodynek and Piotr Stec

Preventing Trafficking in Cultural Property: Import and Export Provisions as Two Sides of the Same Coin – Robert Peters

Tarnished Treasures: Provenance and the UK’s Waverley Criteria – Charlotte Woodhead

Photographs as “Cultural Property” under Italian and European Union Law: A Complex Picture – Eliana Romanelli

The Reform of Italian Law on Cultural Property Export and Its Implications for the “Definitional Debate”: Closing the Gap with the European Union Approach or Cosmetics? Some Systemic Considerations from a Criminal Law Perspective – Arianna Visconti

Legal Commentaries

A Registry for Movable Cultural Property of Significant Importance to Switzerland: Limit to the Cross-Border Movement and Right of Ownership – Carine Simoes

UK Export Controls and National Treasures – Frances Wilson

The New Regime of Protecting Cultural Objects of National Significance under the German Cultural Property Protection Act 2016 – Mara Wantuch-Thole


The Old Summer Palace and the Rhetoric of National Treasures – Derek Gillman


Looking Humanity in the Eye and Seeing its Loss in the Eyes of the ICC: An Evaluation of Daesh’s Destruction of Palmyra using the Gravity Assessment Made by the ICC Prosecutor in the Al Mahdi Case – Musab Talha Günay

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