5 November 2020

Save the date: The world of arts confronted with the new Swiss copyright law

The ALF organizes jointly with the Art-Law Centre its annual conference on the Swiss copyright reform.

Copyright protects artists and gives them the right to decide whether, when and how their work can be used. In Switzerland, the Copyright Act has just been modernized to adapt to the digital age. This reform affect users, archives, museums, libraries and civil society as a whole. The new provisions, which came into force on 1 April 2020, deal in particular with the use of photographs and works whose author is unknown, the new limits of copyright in relation to inventories of art collections and research, and copyright infringements on the Internet. The objective of this conference is to review the background of this important reform and to clarify its impact for the actors of the art world.

This conference will be held in French. More information to follow.

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